About us

Two decades of
making cost allocation
easy and efficient.

CostGrinder is one of the leading cost allocation software companies in its industry.
We have helped companies allocate +$1B costs and counting.
What started as an inhouse project to make cost allocation more efficient for an iconic
Finnish company, has turned into a software success story across industries and geographies.


Years of development

Our story

An inhouse solution turned into a software success story.

What started as a quest for efficiency within an existing corporation and its financial analysis needs, has blossomed into a game-changing solution for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Our journey began with the realization that traditional cost allocation methods were inefficient and error-prone.

Through dedication and innovation, we crafted a software solution that made cost allocation what it should be: efficient and easy. Today we are trusted by companies across industries and geographies.

Our mission

Making cost allocation simple, more precise and cost-efficient.

In a world of complexity, simplicity is power. Our mission at CostGrinder is to demystify cost allocation, making it both simpler and more precise than ever before. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, we've created a solution that not only streamlines the process but also drives cost-efficiency at every turn.

Gone are the days of tangled spreadsheets and guesswork. With our software, businesses can allocate costs with pinpoint accuracy, gaining valuable insights and optimizing resources with ease.

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